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Elizabeth Gibson

Influencer, Actress


As Anthem Collective Management, we proudly champion the remarkable journey of Elizabeth Gibson, a distinguished alumna of Oklahoma City University. Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and minors in Directing and Stage Management, Elizabeth epitomizes the essence of creative versatility and unwavering dedication.

Elizabeth encompasses the essence of artistic expression in its myriad forms. From an actress to her adeptness as a writer, singer, dancer, director, and stage manager, she navigates diverse realms with finesse and passion. 

Beyond traditional avenues, Elizabeth extends her influence as an effective Christian content creator, resonating with over 340K followers and reaching millions worldwide. Through her engaging digital platforms, she embodies the ethos of faith and positivity, touching hearts and fostering community. Her "Big sister advice from your big sister in Christ" videos have become a beacon of encouragement, connecting with countless girls and guiding them through life's journey with wisdom and compassion. She embodies the profound impact of faith-infused artistry, inspiring others to embrace their unique calling and radiate positivity in every endeavor.

As Anthem Collective Management, we stand alongside Elizabeth, celebrating her achievements and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence and faith-driven influence. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of art and the enduring impact of a positive spirit. Together, we look forward to witnessing her continued ascent, as she illuminates hearts and minds with her remarkable talent and unwavering faith.

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